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HFI Filling - The Personal Touch in edible oil

Who are we

HFI BV is a supplier of vegetable oils for the food market. For instance, bottles of salad oil that you buy in a supermarket, but also frying oil for the hospitality industry. We fill half liter bottles up to 1000 liter IBCs. Our customers are all over the world. At our company, we work in accordance with the guidelines of IFS Food (food safety rules). Approximately 25 people work at HFI. HFI is located at the Dintelmond industrial estate, close to Dinteloord and Willemstad in the Netherlands.

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Glasweg 4 – 4794 TB Heijningen – The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)167 – 52 98 98

The Personal Touch in edible oil

Your partner for filling vegetable oil under its own label or a private label