Frying oils

Fusion liquid frying oil is renowned amongst our customers. Consumers want healthy food, even when the food is fried. A lot of hydrogenated fat is used throughout the world; research has shown that vegetable non-hydrogenated liquid frying oil is more suited to the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Fusion frying oil allows frying to fit into this healthy lifestyle, plus a crispier frying result is achieved, whilst the fried product retains its flavour and smell. In-depth research, consumer preferences, quality requirements and direct benefit resulting in a unique oil for professional use.

Due to its Longlife formula, Fusion Longlife frying oil has a longer lifespan. Fusion frying oil is of a high quality, heats up quickly and is best used at 170 – 180 degrees. The oil is extremely heat resistant and can therefore be used for longer. This frying oil is available in several variants:

  • Fusion Pure: a blend of high-quality types of oil without additives, 20-litre cans
  • Fusion Power: for everyday use, foam-reducing, 10-litre cans
  • Fusion Longlife: lasts longer, foam-reducing, 10-litre cans

The Personal Touch in edible oil

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