The Personal Touch in edible oil

Your partner for filling vegetable oil under its own label or a private label

This is why our customers choose HFI

Wide range of application

All our products have a very wide range of application and can be included in salads, sauces, vinaigrettes and marinades. They can, of course, also be used for deep-frying and the preparation of dishes, such as ready meals, meat, vegetarian burgers and egg products. As well as being used in the food industry, our vegetable oil is also used in, for example, cosmetics, animal feed and as a food processing agent.

Terms and conditions of delivery

Terms and conditions of delivery can be provided upon request. All of our offers, quotations and all agreements concluded with us are governed exclusively by our general terms and conditions of sale and delivery, filed with the District Court of Rotterdam, location Dordrecht. The terms and conditions applied by your company are explicitly rejected.

Certificates and standards

HFI bv is certified in accordance with the following standards: IFS & Bio. This helps us to systematically and continuously guarantee food safety.

We supply to…

HFI supplies to retailers, the food service sector, wholesalers, caterers, the food industry, animal feed companies and export companies.

Fusion Oil

All unblended oils are available under the “Fusion” label.

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  • High quality
  • Long lifespan
  • Balanced fatty acid composition
  • Low in trans fats
  • Crispier final product
  • 100% vegetable, so healthier than hydrogenated fats
  • A variant is available for every frying sector

The benefits of HFI


Our organisation aims to translate a customer’s requirement into a good product, which looks perfect, is priced competitively and which is supplied to the right place at the right time.


HFI is a compact and flexible organisation, which guarantees fast turnaround times and enables you to deliver to your customers on time.


HFI is a creative organisation, we think in terms of challenges as opposed to problems. We see opportunities as opposed to barriers.


HFI is the only independent producer of vegetable oil in Western Europe. We are not affiliated with a refinery and we buy your oil where we find the best price-quality ratio. And the same applies to packaging.

The Personal Touch in edible oil

Your partner for filling vegetable oil under its own label or a private label