Beware of imposters!

We would like to warn you here of a person impersonating the Sales Director of Holland Filling Industries BV, using our official company name, logo and company details.

In his communication he makes unlawful use of certificates, business address and images of Holland Filling industries BV.

This person, Frank Axel, is not employed by Holland Filling Industries BV and is not entitled to act on behalf of Holland Filling Industries BV.

With this message we want to warn you not to do business with this person. He misuses our name and data.

Holland Filling Industries BV is not responsible or liable for the activities that this person would perform on behalf of Holland Filling Industries BV or the consequences thereof.

Want to know more or report suspicious activity? Do not hesitate and call or use the contact form.


Edwin van de Wiel

Managing Director

Holland Filling Industries BV
Glasweg 4
4794 TB Heijningen
The Netherland

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